I LOVE BASEBALL!!!! Baseball season is in full swing and if you haven't heard, the Chicago Cubs are the NL Central Division Champions (eye roll)!!! My house is unfortunately divided among 2 Cardinal fans and 1 Cubs fan! I know Cubs, right? (insert eye roll again) Who's the Cubs fan u ask? That would be my son, Kade. Now before you think he jumped on the bandwagon when they won the World Series last year and then became the Cubs biggest fan, that is incorrect. He used to be a Cardinals fan a long time ago!!! Yes I tried, and I tried really hard!! For awhile he was a Cards fan, but then my dad turned him into the World's Biggest Cubs fan! My dad watched the Cubs for as long as I can remember! When they were really bad, and the jinx of the goat was fierce, my dad would say "This will be the year." "Their luck will change." And every year the Cubs would have loss after loss. My dad continued to be the World's Biggest Cubs fan no matter how bad they were! My dad and I would watch the Cardinals vs. the Cubs and always fight and argue over who would win the game. I remember sitting in the hospital when my dad was really sick. He was in and out of consciousness and we had the game turned on the small TV in his hospital room. The nurse walks in and says, "Who's going to win this game?" My dad's eyes popped right open and said "DA CUBS!" The nurse responded with, "I love the Cubs." He said, "You can stay then." Closed his eyes and went back to sleep. I laugh every time I think about that. My dad did love his Cubs. And now my son is the Worlds biggest Cubs fan. My dad would be so proud. And I admit, I cried when they won the World Series last year. Sad and happy tears. Happy because I knew my dad would have been so proud of his Cubs and sad because he wasn't here to see it with us. I'm so blessed that Kade loves the game of baseball. We will be able to enjoy America's Favorite Pastime together whether he is on the diamond playing or we are watching the Cubs vs. Cardinals playing on TV. Stay tuned to my next blog and I'll talk about how I (as a chiropractor) keep my son as healthy as possible to avoid injuries now and in the future while playing baseball.

-Dr. Ward

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