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Why do we love some things we eat as a child?

Someone brought in a hot cherry pie yesterday!!! It happens to be one of my favorites! When I was growing up in Pueblo, Colorado a neighbor down the street had a cherry tree and they didn't like cherries. My parents would go pick the cherries and my mom would make a couple of cherry pies and then can the rest. I've been hooked ever since! That combination of sweet and sour is hard to beat. My family doesn't care for it as much, so that means more for me. Yesterday took me back to those simple days as a kid and those cherry pies of mom's. She sometimes made them into those half moon pies to send in a lunch to school. I enjoyed those a lot better than the occasional scrambled egg sandwiches and huge Safeway paper bags rolled down for school lunches when the little bags ran out. That was embarrassing. Oh well. Some memories are better than others.

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