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For the love of Chiropractic.....Mo knows!

Meet my little friend, Simona (Mo) Kennedy! She has been getting chiropractic care since the day she was born. Actually, I think I was adjusting her mom while she was pregnant with Simona. Anyways, Mo and I go way back!!! Mo probably understands more about the importance of Chiropractic than most adults do. From getting hurt on the playground at school to headaches, neck pain, or hip pain....Mo knows if she hurts, she needs to be adjusted. In Mo's words...." I need to be Chiropractored." And in all honesty, we all need to be Chiropractored from time to time. Chiropractic care relieves pressure off discs and nerves which in turn helps relieve pain. It restores normal motion and motion is how your body keeps joints healthy. It's just that simple!!! Mo's parents have taught her the importance of chiropractic care so "MO KNOWS" if she's's time to be Chiropractored!" I just love this kid! So here's getting to know Mo!

-How old are you? 8 years old

-Do you have a nickname? Mo, Boo-Boo (because I get a lot of boo-boos), and lots of other silly ones my parents give me.

-Do you have any siblings? One older sister, Iliana

-What grade are you in? 2nd grade

-What's your favorite subject? math & art

-What's your favorite color? blue

-What's your favorite food? hmmm, that's hard. I like a lot of food.

-What do you like to do for fun? playing with my friends, doing art, dancing, electronics

-Do you play an instrument? drums

-What makes you happy? spending time with my family....& being Chiropractored!!

-What makes you sad? being alone

-Do you have any pets? a dog named Tinkerbell and 2 cats Lucy & Penny

-If you had $20 what would you do with it? save some, give some to church, & buy crafty stuff

-If you had a superpower what would it be? filling things up (like filling people's hearts with love, filling people's empty stomachs, & filling people's empty wallets)

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