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Be AGGRESSIVE on and off the court!

Be Aggressive, Beeee Beeee Aggressive! B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E Be Aggressive!!!

I have said this cheer to my 13 year old a bunch during basketball season this year. If I had some pom poms while I was saying this cheer, I'm pretty sure I could've made the cheer team! HA! HA! Not really....I wasn't a cheerleader in high school but I did play basketball. I've tried and tried to explain to Kade what being aggressive means. In basketball, it simply means....if the other team has the ball, YOU GET IT! Do whatever you need to do to get that ball! When you get it, do whatever it takes to score your team some points! But you have to follow the rules! Sounds simple right? If basketball isn't your sport it probably does sound simple, but it's not.

It's the same with our health. If you are sick, you have to be AGGRESSIVE in order to get well. Getting well doesn't happen over night! Most people want an immediate fix.....who doesn't? But unfortunately, when you're sick (whatever the problem is), you didn't just wake up with the problem this morning. If you have been sick for a while, it will take a while to fix that problem. If you do nothing, that problem WILL get worse.

So let's talk about sports injuries that occurred with a few 13 year old boys this season. I'm kinda partial to these boys. I've been treating all of them since they were little. As you can see, they aren't so little anymore! I either look up when I talk to them or we are eye to eye! Where has time gone??? These four have been keeping me busy with the sports injuries, between basketball and baseball, they always seem to keep me on my toes:)


Kade (#23) had an elbow injury during the basketball season this year. It was bad.....I'm not going to lie, I was even a little freaked out over it. Maybe because I'm his mom (I tend to over exaggerate!), but his elbow looked terrible. It had a huge knot on it and swollen. I took X-Rays to make sure it wasn't broken. It wasn't......whew! I even took 2 more sets a week later just to be sure! It wasn't getting much better but honestly that was our fault! We weren't being consistent on treating it each day. So it was time to get AGGRESSIVE and get a game plan together. We did multiple things to fix the problem. Guess what? It didn't work fast enough! Hahahahaha! It took 2 months to heal his elbow completely. He didn't have to miss any games because of it but if we hadn't done things to try and speed the healing process, it would've gotten worse and it WAS getting worse when we weren't being AGGRESSIVE with treatment. His goal was to not miss any games. He didn't because we finally got AGGRESSIVE! Today, he has no more elbow pain, thank the Lord!!!!


Eli (#45) had a low back and tailbone injury after a hard fall in basketball. His mom brought him immediately into my office to get adjusted and receive therapy modalities. He missed a couple of practices but no games because of his injury. Have you ever fallen on your tailbone? IT HURTS!!! Again, this is an injury that would've gotten worse if it wasn't addressed. If it flares up on him, he immediately gets adjusted. When his tailbone hurts, he immediately tells his mom he needs to be adjusted! He will continue to have a few flare ups here and there, but he knows what to do when it happens! He and his mom were AGGRESSIVE to treat his acute injury and they continue to be AGGRESSIVE when he has a flare up.


The Twins....Kaleb (#25) and Conner (#33). Between these two boys, I will always have job security! :) Kaleb also had an elbow injury. We took X-Rays and determined it wasn't broken and then started treatment. With a few adjustments and Ultrasound therapy, Kaleb healed without having to miss any basketball games. He did sit out some practices to let his elbow rest but other than that he was good to go. Conner hurt his right hip. His pain was affecting the way he ran. (FYI: you have to be able to run to play basketball :)) So his mom brought him to CCC and after determining it was a misalignment, a couple of adjustments later, he was as good as new.


Do you see the pattern here? The game plan? Being aggressive with your health not only prevents further problems but also gets you back on the court so you can play the game! It's no fun sitting on the sidelines watching!!! So what do you need to do to be AGGRESSIVE with your health?

1.) Set up an appointment to find out what your healthcare problem is. 2.) Set down with your doctor and come up with a "game plan" to get your health back on track. 3.) Do what your doctor tells you to do, not just what you want to do! 4.) Make a commitment to stick with your plan.

5.) Feel Better....and remember one thing, IF YOU THINK YOU CAN'T GET BETTER, YOU WON'T! Be aggressive and take back your health today! Don't know where to start? Call CCC and let us help start you in the right direction! We love our patients and we want to help you BE AGGRESSIVE!!!

P.S. If you see Kade and sure and ask them about my cheering abilities. Warning: expect lots of eye rolls! Hahahahaha! OHHHH WAITTTTTT there's a video.....listen closely!!! Enjoy!