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2021 Winter Wonderland

Can you believe how much it snowed in Searcy, AR? Our clinic has never had to be shut down this long!! It was nice to spend time with our family but we have missed you all! I just want to remind everyone that it is very important if you have started a treatment plan, that you re-schedule as soon as you can. Our staff has tried to contact everyone, but in case we missed you, make sure you get back on your treatment plan as soon as possible. This is why...

  1. Healing is a process, remember your joint and spine issues didn't develop overnight!

  2. Spinal misalignments can become progressive and permanent! Which means you can develop bigger issues later if not taken care of now.

  3. We all have ongoing stress in our lives. Daily activities which include lifting, bending, working on computers, etc.

Maintenance Care is very important too! If you have gotten a spinal or joint issue fixed, you want to keep it that way! Maintenance Care maintains optimal body function, lessens recurrences of painful episodes, and prevents other conditions from developing. Maintenance Care is usually 1-2 monthly adjustments.

Chiropractic Care Clinic is here to help you no matter what your health need may be. We apologize for any inconvenience being closed for a week may have caused. We make decisions in weather situations that is in the best needs of our patient's and staff's safety. We are open for regular business hours again and hope to see you soon! Call us for an appointment at 501-268-2273.

Meanwhile, enjoy some snow pictures of Dr. K and Dr. Ward.

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